Jingles is officially ready to be a Christmas Tree!

June 2018

Mill Dam Christmas Tree Farm


Meet Jingles the baby Christmas tree.

Jingles was planted as a seedling on Mill Dam Christmas Tree Farm in May 2013. 

Jingles is the chosen representative tree from our farm.  We have been bringing you regular updates on this tree's growth so you can track the progress of the trees out in the field.  Jingles is not a baby anymore!  We are proud to announce that Jingles is full-grown and ready to wear ornaments!!  

Jingles Growth Chart:

May, 2013                   8 inches

November, 2014       19 1/2 inches

May, 2015                   29 1/2 inches

November, 2015        2 ft 8 inches

May, 2016                   4 ft 2 inches

​June 2017                    4 ft 11 inches

June 2018                    6 ft 5 inches

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